Beetaloo Exploration Project update

We remain firmly committed to our Beetaloo exploration project.  We’re looking forward to safely resuming exploration soon, adopting the strict regulations and controls in place to protect environment and groundwater and with a COVIDsafe management plan in place to protect local communities.

We’re committed to creating opportunities for local business, and recognise that what underpins successful projects, what really drives benefits for families and communities, what really drives prosperous economies – is jobs.

This commitment applies now, as we continue exploration, and in the years to come, should we identify a commercially recoverable resource and move to an ongoing production scenario.

The opportunities are both direct and indirect. Local Territory businesses are already working with us doing civil construction work, preparing lease pads and access tracks; providing transport and logistics support; monitoring water resources and performing well site maintenance and checks. Local roadhouses and pubs are providing accommodation, meals, bus transport and ad-hoc on the ground logistics. And we’re working with other local suppliers with capability to provide rig maintenance, engineering, modification and welding services.

Since exploration began around 60% of what we can source local for the project from Territory suppliers, we have. In a success case, this will be boosted by the construction of infrastructure and pipelines creating additional direct and indirect benefits for those working on and supplying materials and services to projects such as ours.

We’re proud that over 50 Territorians have so far worked with us on our most recent exploration well. Should our exploration prove successful, when we are past the period of ramping up and constructing and are in ongoing steady state, we expect we will need around 900 ongoing operational jobs. Our plan is that most of these jobs – more than 60% – will be based right here in the Northern Territory.

This commitment is based on a very deliberate strategy – from the outset – that is designed to ensure local jobs are created as the project progresses through our approach to employment and procurement.

We believe there’s real benefits to be had.