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Triple P Contracting

Onsite construction support is needed across Beetaloo exploration sites and supply companies are needed to provide services and materials for the operations.

This means jobs for remote communities and opportunities for local and territory businesses to upskill their workforce, including gaining environmental and safety skills certification.

One of Origin’s first business partnerships in the Northern Territory was with Triple P Contracting, a local, Aboriginal-owned and operated business from Elliott, two hours’ drive south of Daly Waters.

Triple P Contracting started out in 2013 by Aboriginal couple, Gordon Jackson and Susey Kidd.

Gordon is a proud member of the Muwartpi Native Title group, acknowledged and recognised as Traditional Owners for part of the country covered by Origin’s exploration permits.

Their mission is to be a company that improves the quality of life for the directors, the employees and the local Aboriginal people of the Elliott area.

Triple P undertakes fortnightly well site inspections and scheduled routine maintenance on Origin’s infrastructure within the exploration permit, an area that spans some 18,000 square kilometres. Their work includes checking equipment, cleaning solar panels, and maintaining the well site and surrounding lease area and access tracks.

Triple P maintains the airstrip at Daly Waters where they slash runway verges and check and maintain perimeter fencing. They also provide on-call services, including checking any alarms and providing an on-the-ground security response if required.

Arnhem Earthmoving and Mechanical

Origin has partnered with Northern-Territory based business Arnhem Earthmoving and Mechanical.

Headed up by director, Anthony Simpson, the business is part of a civic contracting panel set up by Origin to make sure local companies are engaged to work on the Beetaloo project wherever possible.

As a sub-contractor to Origin during the early exploration work, the company gained good insight to the required operating and governance standards. 

Now, with its safety certification in place, it is a primary contractor after successfully winning a tender to work on the project. 

Its modern fleet of heavy earthmoving equipment and associated machinery and repair facilities meet all the requirements of the petroleum industry and provide invaluable construction support across Beetaloo work sites.

The company is excited about the opportunity to expand its business, in particular, hiring more local Aboriginal people, who make up one third of its employee base.