The Facts

Community case studies

Case study – Elliott Hawks

In 2018, we were proud to help build a new community football oval in town, in partnership with the Barkly Regional Council and other sponsors.

We funded the initial site works to clear and prepare the field to be turfed and fenced and our principal civil contractor, Arnhem Earthmoving, donated the scoreboard.

Football is an important part of community life in the Northern Territory and the new oval will be both a meeting place and facility for the broader Elliott community.

An exciting new chapter for the local Elliott Hawks club will begin when the very first home game is played in the 2020 season. The Hawks play in the Barkly Australian Football league.

Case study – Daly Waters Airfield

Origin has been maintaining the Daly Waters airfield for about three years. 

Early works in 2018 included clearing the airport boundary to allow new, secure perimeter fencing to be installed by the Barkly Regional Council, with funding support from the Northern Territory.

We have since bought LED lighting and trained local staff and community members to support night landings for emergency services, such as the Royal Flying Doctors Service and CareFlight.

The airfield now gives the community round-the-clock access to medical services that would otherwise be many hours drive away.