A rigorous process 

We are committed to operating responsibly and safely at all times and we use international best practice to meet the highest standards. The viability of a gas resource is about more than just the volume and quality of the resource — a major factor is whether we can extract the gas safely and to ensure we have the continued support of the Traditional Owners where we are exploring. 

When we are drilling, we have strict conditions and controls we must meet and we have additional safeguards in place to best protect the area’s land and water. We don’t frack until these controls and safeguards in place.

Independent scientific inquiry

Origin has resumed exploration following the very thorough and detailed 15-month independent Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory that found the risks identified with fracking could be mitigated or reduced to an acceptable level, and in some cases eliminated.

We share the inquiry’s finding that with the right regulations and controls in place, the environment and groundwater will be protected, and the gas industry as well as the pastoral and tourism industries, can contribute significantly to the Northern Territory’s future prosperity.

The Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the NT

Code of practice

An important part of implementing the recommendations made by the Inquiry is the Code of Practice: Onshore Petroleum Activities in the Northern Territory. The Code of Practice addresses the recommendations of the inquiry and are some of the most comprehensive and rigorous regulations in the world. They set enforceable standards for a range of activities including well operations, surface activities, and water management.

NT Code of Practice – Onshore Petroleum Activities in the NT

Environmental management plans and approvals

Environmental management plans are a detailed description of how Origin will manage any environmental impacts and risks associated with its site preparation, drilling and fracking activities. This includes how we comply with our regulatory obligations under the Code of Practice and related legislation. These plans are submitted for review and approval by the Regulator, which includes a 28-day public comment period. These plans and approvals are published by the Regulator, along with the reasons supporting the decision made.

About NT onshore environmental management plans

NT approved onshore environmental management plans

Operating safely during all seasons
“If you don’t run a safe operation, you don’t have an operation.” 

Robust regulation, planning and practical controls allow us to handle high rainfall volumes and protect land and water during the NT wet season. Our well sites are built to withstand a 1-in-1,000 year rainfall season and safety is our top priority.